SAEL 200 – Override Requests

The  SAEL program is unable to provide overrides into sections of SAEL 200.

Why is there no override option for SAEL 200? 

SAEL 200 is a Carolina Core course that fulfills requirements in both Oral Communication and Values, Ethics and Social Responsibility. It is a reading and performance intensive course. Each student in the course is required to give a number of speeches over the semester, in addition to completing several complex writing assignments. All of these assignments develop out of class discussion and a substantial amount of reading, much of which is worked through in class.

Each section of SAEL 200 is limited to 18 students. This number offers a chance for USC undergraduates in the course to work closely with SAEL 200 instructors. This enrollment cap is not arbitrary. Given the length of the semester and the number of course meetings in a semester, it represents the number of students that can be accommodated in each section such that each student has a full opportunity to complete the assignments for the course – many of these assignments occur during class time and they have to occur during class time. In short, there is a direct trade-off with an increased number of students and the ability of students to complete the assignments of this General Education course.