SAEL 200

  Advising and Enrollment Information -Spring 2018

SAEL 200 – Social Advocacy & Ethical Life


Critical and practical training in oral communication and 

values, ethics, and social responsibility


Fulfills two Carolina Core Outcomes


 Informs study in the humanities, social sciences, sciences and arts


Social Advocacy & Ethical Life (SAEL 200) is an overlay course that fulfills Carolina Core Outcomes for Oral Communication (CMS) and Values, Ethics and Social Responsibility (VSR).

SAEL 200 offers students the critical and practical skills needed to: 1) investigate the roots, power, and limits of ethical discourse and its relevance to social, cultural, and political life; 2) develop a working understanding of the principles of social advocacy and the ways in which oral communication serves to construct, support, and remake the grounds of ethical interaction; 3) reflect critically on contemporary calls for engaged citizenship, deliberation, and socio-political participation.

All sections of Social Advocacy & Ethical Life (SAEL 200) are listed in Fall 2015 Master Schedule under the course’s designator – SAEL.

OVERRIDE POLICY: In order to ensure that students have a full opportunity to complete the course requirements, we are not able to provide override enrollments. Please do not send an email requesting an override.