social advocacy & ethical life

The USC Initiative on Social Advocacy & Ethical Life

 The University of South Carolina’s Initiative on Social Advocacy & Ethical Life supports theoretically-informed scholarship and innovative teaching that sheds critical light on the possibilities of human expression and its connection to the formation of values. How might we better understand the complex relationship between human symbolic interaction and the development of moral systems? What are the connections between spoken and written discourse practices and socio-political frameworks of ethical engagement?

Launched in 2012 and rooted in a broad and deep commitment to liberal arts inquiry, the Initiative includes a doctoral fellowship program, an undergraduate general education course, and a lecture series.

Presidential Teaching Fellowships in Social Advocacy and Ethical Life

This fellowship provides generous support for incoming doctoral students with outstanding qualifications for advanced study in the liberal arts and an interest to undertake interdisciplinary inquiry and teaching. Up to fifteen fellowships are awarded each year.

The Carolina Core Course in Social Advocacy & Ethical Life

Since Spring 2013, the USC College of Arts & Sciences has offered an innovative undergraduate course in Social Advocacy & Ethical Life (SAEL 200). Taking advantage of the opportunities afforded by South Carolina’s new General Education Curriculum – the Carolina Core – this undergraduate course serves as an “overlay course,” a course that meets the Carolina Core’s outcomes for Oral Communication and Values, Ethics, and Social Responsibility. 

The Social Advocacy & Ethical Life Lectures

The Social Advocacy & Ethical Life Lectures bring leading scholars to campus and invite the entire university community to reflect on historical and contemporary questions that deepen our understanding of the relationship between human expression and the possibilities of ethical interaction.